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"MANSaBoy" is a popular name of a public high school, namely Madrasah (school) Aliyah (high) Negeri (state) 1 ("Satu": one) Boyolali (a city in Indonesia). 

Walk from home to the school by passing various obstacles such as bombs, ravines, etc. You must arrive at the school before 7 o'clock in the morning. Collect coins and gems as much as possible!

• Full of Indonesia elements such as Mount Merapi & Merbabu, building names, Songkok, and much more

Cooperative (school shop), buy various equipment items that can increase the player!

Tasks, complete the tasks and take the prize!

Library, collect books to complete the task!

Medal Chess, can be opened after collecting 10 medals, medals are obtained every time you complete a level

Free Chess, can be opened after 3 hours

Daily Rewards, can be obtained after 1 day

Bag, use items that have been purchased from the cooperative!

Download, install, and play MANSaBoy: The Game now! "Let's go to the school!"


1.0 (August 17, 2018) 

• Porcupine, can be found at levels 21-1000 (can reduce the player hitpoint by 10%, so you have to avoid it) 
• Watches (can be purchased at the Cooperative) 
• Game size is smaller than before 
• Games are lighter than before 
• Smoother animations 
• Animated eyes flashing characters in the cooperative have been updated 
• The coin icon has been updated 
• The volume icon has been updated 
• The votes at Al-Barokah Mosque were updated 
• Points on each of the 3 numbers from behind are omitted in English 
• New font (Roboto, white with black outline) 
• Splash and Loading display was updated 
• The player's arm is shorter 
• and many more... 

Bugs fixed: 
• The original color of the house (green) is still visible in the color of the house's texture, which is very clear in a dark house 
• Error when the player is facing to the right (the watch moves to the right hand, etc.) 
• The gap is too long, so it is difficult to cross (jump over) 
• Parallax background size 
• Home position is incorrect 
• Position the tree too down 
• Too many trees 
• Tugu Checkpoint light is not visible when it lights up 
• and many more... 

1.0 CANDIDATE 1 (August 1, 2018) 

• 980 new levels (total: 1000 levels) 
• Smaller game size 
• Available in English (United Kingdom), you can change the game language by going to Settings 
• Support for Android Oreo 8.0.1 
• The icon and logo have been updated 
• Splash display and Loading (Loading) has been updated 
• The process of loading faster 
• Display menus have been updated 
• The game UI display has been updated 
• Distance meter in meters (every 3 blocks counts 1 meter, every 1 block measures 64 pixels) 
• Textures have been redesigned (the school, player characters, characters in cooperatives, coins, gems, houses, trees, Al-Barokah Mosque, Tugu Checkpoint, etc.) 
• Old player animations have been updated 
• New player animation: The player's eye blinks every 0-8 seconds (based on the average human eye blinking interval, which is 4 seconds) 
• New player animation: Redens when hitpoint decreases 
• New player animation: Animation when hitpoint has run out 
• Soil (the texture below the road is replaced with brown soil for level 1-20, the entire road is replaced with brown soil for levels 21-1000) 
• Water (the fog below is replaced with running water) 
• Tree leaves fall 
• Reddish sunlight 
• Tugu Checkpoint light has been updated, the light can penetrate the leaves of trees 
• Parallax mountainous background is replaced with forest 
• The sky color gradient has been updated 
• The amount of coins and gems that have been obtained in the game is paused and finished 
• Sound when passing Checkpoint Monument 
• Notification when passing Checkpoint Monument 
• and many more... 

Bugs fixed: 
• The display cannot stretch to adjust the device screen size 
• The background color is almost the same as the character's hair color on the menu 
• The player control button is still visible when the game is paused and finished 
• The player control button is too small 
• The player can switch positions while in the air before the game starts 
• The balloon does not fly after the bomb explodes 
• and many more... 

• The APK no longer includes placeholder permissions that Google Play starts complaining about in May 2018. 
• The minimum SDK is raised to 18 (Android 4.3.x Jelly Bean) to allow the signing of the APK with SHA-256 + RSA. 
• The target SDK is raised to 27 (Android 8.1.0 Oreo) to meet Google Play requirements for August 2018. 
• Support for ARM64v8, meeting Google Play requirements for August 2019. 

Here's a list of Android versions that now support. 
• 8.1.0 Oreo (API 27) 
• 8.0.0 Oreo (API 26) 
• 7.1.1 Nougat (API 25) 
• 7.0 Nougat (API 24) 
• 6.0 Marshmallow (API 23) 
• 5.1.1 Lollipop (API 22) 
• 5.0.1 Lollipop (API 21) 
• 4.4 - 4.4.4 KitKat (API 19) 
• 4.3.x Jelly Bean (API 18) 

BETA 1 (June 1, 2018) 

The new one: 
• New soundtrack music ("MAN 1 Idolaku" rearranged) 
• Free Chests and Daily Gifts 
• The task of collecting books 
• Items purchased at a cooperative can increase speed when used 
• Parallax forest background 
• New building in the game, house (by Gatot) 
• Update on the shape of Mount Merapi & Merbabu 
• Settings (music volume and sound effects) 
• Point in every 3 numbers from behind (script taken from Mawaris Calculator) 
• Books have been replaced with new variables to facilitate programming (so that all the books that have been obtained before will be lost, apologize) 
• Smaller game size 
• and many more... 

Bugs fixed: 
• Stop without showing anything when time runs out 
• Items that are in a wrong position, such as bomb balloons that are too low so that they cannot be avoided, etc. 
• Less loud voices 
• Voices that are not played until they are finished 
• A camera that does not move to the school position when time runs out (in the previous version it was replaced by another camera) 
• Methods that are too complicated to pick up items or detonate bombs (first using Area2D) 
• Item names in the "Characters" menu do not use spaces 
• "Cancel" button on the "Buy" popup appears on the side (it should be in the middle) 
• and many more... 

ALPHA 10 (April 17, 2018) 

• Get a medal every time you complete a level 
• Medal Crates (collect 10 medals to open them), this chest contains at least 500 coins, usually also containing several gems 
• In-game music 
• Sounds of coins, gems, bomb explosions, and books 

ALPHA 9 (March 20, 2018) 

Bugs fixed: 
• Bombs are near a cliff 
• The distance between bombs and bombs hovers too close 
• Time does not match the level 
• The checkpoint position is too high 
• Checkpoint area is less wide 
• "Next Level" button appears at the last level 

• Blood will not increase automatically when stamina is full, but can increase when the player is on the checkpoint monument (faster than before) 
• Destination navigation key in the main menu 

ALPHA 8 (March 17, 2018) 

Bugs fixed: 
• The game stops when time runs out 
• The position of the 2D camera is wrong when the time is up 
• Bomb exploded before the player stood up 
• Bombs float above other bombs 
• The position of the bomb hovers too low / high 
• Bombs fall into a ravine 
• Coins & gems are too high (not reachable by players) 
• Book position underground 
• Time does not match the level 
• The position of the checkpoint monument is too low 
• Incorrect checkpoint position 

• Light of the new checkpoint monument (glowing when it's passed) 
• More books at a higher level 

ALPHA 7 (March 16, 2018) 

• Update on the school images (fence color, etc.) 
• Update level 
• Tugu checkpoint 

ALPHA 1-6 

• Repair various bugs 
• Display updates 
• Al-Barokah Mosque & Tilawah Al-Ahzaab 
• Bomb & blast updates 
• Luminous coins 
• Stamina 
• Alerts and notifications 
• Update loading screen 
• Background updates (sky, sun, clouds, Merapi & merbabu mountains) 
• Jewel 
• Asmaul Husna & bel school 
• Bomb in the air (balloon) 
• Animated character updates 
• Hair character updates 
• Cooperatives & items 
• Bag 
• Character 
• Library & books 
• Icon update


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